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Fagiano game

I prided myself on being flexible.  Water was the element I embodied, being able to follow flexibly the flow of where things go.  Yet embodiment leads to reflection - the kind that seems so real but it’s only on the surface.  Recently I began to truly reflect upon this trait.  

It’s possible to be too flexible.  Water evaporates when there’s little left.  It dissipates when there’s no structure.  But when there are too many boundaries, it’s subject to go in a predetermined direction.

It’s funny how we continue to learn about ourselves, especially at a point after you thought you discovered your greatest strength.  And then it turns out to be a weakness.  Nonetheless, you gain greater self-awareness.  Discovery.  

Still, water can be a powerful force.  It just needs to gather strength, a current - which I’m currently finding.  

Corona in “Corea” (at 카페 수다)

Just missed his performance. He was really good. (at JR岡山駅)

! Hanshin stadium

at 岡山後楽園

Morning set next to my new apartment

at 本住吉神社

Korean food #latergram (at Osaka Korea Town)

My grandma and great grandma Filomina Bajado Moral.